All interested persons should contact the Town Office at (207) 645-4961 or email: to fill out an application for Volunteer Committee Position.

2016-2017 Directory of Officials

Board of Selectpersons – 3 Years

Tiffany Maiuri, Chair 207-370-5444 June 2019
Ruth Cushman 207-645-2422 June 2019
Jeffrey Adams 207-645-2743 June 2018
John Black 207-645-5371 June 2017
Jeff Rowe 207-491-1430 June 2017

RSU #9 Directors – 3 Years

Cherieann Harrison 207-344-5568 June 2019
Angela Leclair 207-645-4949 June 2018
Keith Swett 207-778-1347 June 2017

Planning Board – 5 Years

Tom Saviello June 2021
Michael Leclair June 2020
Vacant June 2020
Lisa Small June 2019
Charles Lavin June 2018
Michael Sherrod, Chair June 2017
Angela Werner June 2017
Vacant (Alternate) June 2021
Vacant (Alternate) June 2018

Board of Appeals – 3 Years

Richard Bragg June 2019
Margaret Donahue June 2018
Vacant June 2018
Vacant (Alternate) June 2018
Brandi Manning June 2017
Keith Swett June 2017

Parks & Recreation Committee – 3 Years

Dexter Eustis June 2019
Mike Leclair June 2019
Mike DeRusha June 2018
Laurel Walker June 2018
Katrina Fay June 2017
Stephanie Smith June 2017

Board of Assessment Review – 3 Years

Joanne Bradbury June 2019
Dawn Young June 2018
Katharine Shoaps June 2017

Finance Committee – Years

Barry Hathaway June 2019
Vernon Marden June 2019
Stephen Davis June 2019
Norman Gould June 2018
Vacant June 2018
Irv Faunce June 2018
David Leavitt June 2017
Charles “Dick” Hall June 2017
Michael Sherrod June 2017
Susan Black June 2017

Recycling Committee

Nye Mosher Barbara Holt
Alison Welch Chris Bremner
Katherine Shoaps Jeff Adams, Selectperson
Rhonda Irish, Town Manager

Ordinance Committee

Doug Hiltz, Chair Rhonda Irish, Town Manager
Steven Smith Betty Shibles
James Black Kyle Ellis
Joseph Kinsey

Downtown Committee

Susan Atwood Nancy Merrow
Betty Shibles David Smith
Jeff Chaisson Charles Ellis
Angela McCleod Carla Fitch
Byron Staples Rhonda Irish, Town Manager

Ballot Clerks

Jean Rand Carolyn Smith
Angela Werner Hazel Flagg

Road Committee

Peter Chamberlain Jeff Adams, Selectperson
Jack Mills David Tinker
Dale Roberts, Public Works Foreman Rhonda Irish, Town Manager

Cemetery Committee

Charles “Dick” Hall Rhonda Irish, Town Manager
Kent Wiles, Cemetery Sexton John Black, Selectperson
Maxine Brown

Conservation Commissison

Ken Sawyer June 2019
Vacant June 2019
Vacant June 2018
Sharon Rainey June 2018
Jeff Chaisson June 2018
Scott Lindsay June 2017
Nancy Prince, Chair June 2017

All Other Officials

Town Manager Rhonda Irish
Town Clerk Diane Dunham
Police Chief Heidi Wilcox
Fire Chief Sonny Dunham
Deputy Fire Chief Tom Doak
Superintendent Water & Sewer Depts. Justin Futia
Utilities Clerk Michelle Howatt
Health Officer Dr. Michael Parker
Code Enforcement Officer Adam Cote
Plumbing Inspector Adam Cote
Recreation Director Frank Donald
Moderator Ronald Aseltine
Public Works Foreman Dale Roberts
Emergency Management Director Sonny Dunham
Animal Control Officers Wayne Atwood
Hollis Tyler
Assessor, O’Donnell & Assoc. Paul Binette
Cemetery Sexton Kent Wiles